Top 5 Aspects of Content Marketing

Content marketing has become a trend. It grows as long as there’s a need to distribute products and services to attract profitable customers. The best place for content marketing to flourish is the Internet because of its wide accessibility to a global audience. When it comes to this kind of marketing strategy, there are several things that you need to know.

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5 Things you need to know:

  1. Search for inspiration

When you realize that several tactics are not working out as you planned for your company, it would be a good idea to step outside of your brand for a moment. Try to visualize yourself as a competitor and ask yourself which tactics are working out for our brand? Sometimes, you need to step outside of the box in order to identify what is wrong in the first place. You can rectify and implement strategies that have worked well with others.


  1. Social Media Integration

Take advantage of the most popular social media sites. A lot of people spend time on the Internet browsing for new information. Your content needs to be relatable to today’s people so that once it connects to your audience, the more chances of it being shared. It is also a fact that people are more likely to trust those who have been recommended by their friends through these social platforms.


  1. Visual Stimulation

People are naturally drawn to visual content like pictures and videos. They are not much different from a young child. They are more likely to absorb information through these visuals compared to reading text or listening to an audio. This is probably easier for our brains to process the information without having to go into great detail.


  1. Creativity Knows No Rules

Many people forget to unleash their inner creativity especially when there are a lot of standards to comply with or certain brands stick to a safe plan that’s been tried and tested. Unfortunately, if you want to stick out from the rest, you need to do something bold and daring that will attract the audience to your company.


  1. Set Authority

You need to set the authority when it comes to branding your company’s image. You need to let others know that you are at the top of everyone’s game and that everyone else is just a follower. Once you’ve made a strong impression on others, you will have an audience who will be forever loyal to your brand.




13 Captivating Content Marketing Facts


The revolutionary changes occurring in the marketing industry only means one thing ─ stay updated. What is the use of knowing what’s happening in the marketing industry? If you know them, it is easier to catch up with them and it evens the playing field even if you are just a starter.

Take a look around you and you will see how competitive and aggressive everyone is. You wouldn’t want to be the one to file for bankruptcy right? I do not mean to scare you. But if you don’t become inventive, aggressive and smart about your marketing content, don’t expect your business to turn out successful.

  1. About 61% of consumers prefer companies that deliver customized content. According to Hanley-Wood Social Media, 78% of chief marketing officers predict that custom content will be the trend in the upcoming years.
  2. Every content marketer uses an average of 12 tactics
  3. Active blog generates about 70% of leads
  4. Social media can reach about 80% of the total web users. So if you are selling something like real estate the avenir, better touch down first social media.
  5. Email remains the most popular channel of communication
  6. LinkedIn is used by 47% of B2B marketers because it generates more leads but B2B marketers admit that they are more active on Facebookl
  7. Less than half of companies outsource their content
  8. It costs about $143 to generate a lead through inbound marketing and $373 for outbound marketing
  9. Marketers spend ¼ of their marketing budget on content marking
  10. Interesting content is one of the top 3 reasons why some brands get a bunch of loyal followers
  11. Blogs are still in and they can generate 434% indexed pages and 97% indexed links
  12. Video content continues to rise
  13. Mobile-optimized content will continue to be one of the trends

Online Marketing Facts